Feasibility Studies
A very useful and lucrative practice both for start-up companies and for those outgrowing their installed capacity is the preparation of Feasibility Studies. Such Studies contemplate all operational aspects to lead your company to the maximum manufacturing ability.

Confronted with day-to-day production pressures, people tend to look around and quickly decide about crucial investments, often based on superficial analysis and evaluations. This is the moment when decisions must be smart. The transition into new equipment be it a complete plant overhauling, or just one or two new lines, has to be smooth and flawless.

Dometek can provide advice, help you choose the right equipment and guide you and your staff to a successful seamless transition. We have done it so many times, in such a vast variety of environments, that we are able to analyse every facet of every possible solution that your market oriented expansion may require. In reality, even if you are already "seasoned" in solving optical media manufacturing problems, it is always good to check and double check things, have a second opinion, and compare full alternatives... And not just acquisition prices...

If you need additional equipment, you will probably be facing a two- and even three-shift operation. Everybody will be working to their limits, just like the machinery they are using. Under stress people overlook things, fail in the perception (judgment!) of crucial details. Minimize risk!

For an affordable fee, Dometek will bring experience, assurance and serenity when you need peace and calm to make effective and economically sound decisions. We will handle the plant preparation, train your Staff on-site before hand, forecast your new capacity, and provide you with everything, from technical literature and operating instructions, to plant layouts, facility preparation schedules and trouble shooting guidance.

Why suffer and wander, when a highly skilled guide is available to draw the pathways to your success? Dometek has the best experts in the field and will prepare the Feasibility Study that can make all the difference. Please tell us your vision. We will show you how to get there with minimum pain and effort. Equipment manufacturers will only sell you machinery.

We sell you a solution that provides value for your money!