After the equipment has passed the Pre-Shipment Acceptance Test it will be decommissioned. This can be a simple process in the case of a small machine (like a cellophane wrapper) or can be rather complex (e.g. for a DVD-R line with precision climate control equipment). We always aim to have the same engineers who decommission the equipment also be the engineers to install the equipment at the customer's site.

During decommissioning power and signal cables will be disconnected and marked, oil will be drained from the molding machines, large assemblies will be broken down into smaller ones that can be handled and loaded (e.g. into sea freight containers). Critical surfaces will be sprayed with oil (to prevent surface rust) and delicate components (e.g. PC's, monitors, and test drives in analyzers will be removed for separate packaging).

Document Requirements
Decommissioning equipment is a critical component of our business. The disassembling of the machinery piece by piece is a delicate operation and must be documented. If it is not done properly we see the results when the equipment is installed at its final destination.

When decommissioning equipment a Dometek engineer(s) is present to document the process, facilitating the installation at the customer's site, we also view it as an opportunity for Dometek to have a closer look at all components of the machine. We complete a detailed report describing the process and document the process in pictures. Having this information enables our engineers to perform an efficient and accurate installation.