Compliance with Special or Unusual Regulations
Even before an order can be confirmed, the client must consult the local authorities about the procedures and regulations regarding the equipment's import, payment, shipping, customs Inspection, as well as its installation and operation.

Dometek must know of such regulations well in advance, as some of them are extremely elaborate, requiring a multiplicity of documents, special allowances, certifications, contacts with the US and local authorities in the destination country, and require special preparations and handling while packaging and identifying the goods, crates, invoices, packing listings, etc.

For example, in some countries a shipment including used machines and spare parts is not allowed, spare parts must be packed and shipped separately. Several countries will not allow used spare parts, requiring all spare parts to be new.

Of course Dometek will prepare whatever documents shall be required to enable the lawful transaction of all merchandise. However, if such procedures deviate from the normal handling of international shipments from the United States and from Europe, the costs for such special and unusual preparations will be pre-estimated and charged to the requesting client.

If your country is one with unusual requirements to authorize imports and foreign currency transactions, please make sure that clear, concise and complete instructions about this matter are sent to Dometek far in advance. This will ensure that all issues will be followed up with rigor by our Staff.

Dometek accepts no liability in the event that, even following strictly such instructions, cargoes are retained and/or other consequences result from non conformities with the regulations and procedures. Preventing a problem is far less painful than regretting one.