Commissioning is a technical and bureaucratic operation performed by the supplier of any Digital Optical Media production machinery. The entity commissioning the equipment should register the equipments' original status, ownership, capacity, composition in technical terms, rated capacity, and other technical parameters that define its performance. The operation is part of the so-called technical delivery of new production equipment by all the respective manufacturers.

Dometek, when acquiring equipment that it will sell to new clients, carefully checks the Commissioning documents, the existing manufacturing and maintenance log and other documents, and all pertinent information so as to define the vitality of all components of said equipment. Those records are a fundamental piece of information in identifying any parts that are prone to fail, or those that may eventually be replaced to bring it to commercially acceptable production standards.

By the same token, Dometek, when installing equipment in any manufacturing facility of a client, performs a new Commissioning, during the technical delivery of the equipment. Qualified technicians are sent to the client's plant to verify condition of all pieces of equipment delivered, provide installation and bring the equipment to the operational performance according to the terms of the respective supply contract. The technicans will also perform the final acceptance test, train the Staff in the operation and define appropriate maintenance requirements for the machinery.